Ecco come l’informazione diventa disinformazione


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One thought on “Ecco come l’informazione diventa disinformazione

  1. Danilo Elia ha detto:

    Per completezza d’informazione, ecco la nota che il caporedattore mi ha prima accordato e poi non ha voluto pubblicare:
    “As the author of the article “Kremlin’s warriors are ready to kill”, published on the last issue of the Kyiv Post, I want to distance myself resolutely from the headline chosen by the chief editor. Not the first version (which has not been possible to amend on the printed issue of the paper), nor the second version as amended on the Kyiv Post website (“Kremlin’s warriors want to take Lviv”), reflect the spirit of the article.
    None of the people I interviewed ever said they aim to kill anybody. None of the fighters mentioned in the article ever revealed plan or intention to take the whole Ukraine, and taking the city of Lviv was just a joke (funny or not) that should be reported as it is. I’m convinced that the chosen headlines, as long as some minor changes in the text, mislead the readers instead of letting them to form their own opinion.
    The aim of the article was only to tell the story of three young girls who decided to fight for their ideals, right or wrong, like it or not. They made their choice joining the Sparta battalion, a choice I don’t judge in any way.
    Danilo Elia”


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